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Teknos Teknofill 5001 Fine Surface Wood Filler 

Correct and fill surface defects, checks and cracks in wood before painting. 

High-quality, water based wood filler designed for fine surface filling.

Easy to apply, dries in 3 hours, excellent sanding properties. 

Create a smooth wood surface for painting. 

White Wood Filler

500ml size tube. 

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Brand: Teknos

Product Info

Teknos Teknofill 5001:

Fine Surface Wood Filler suitable for Interior and Exterior Wood

Correct and repair all surface defects, checks, and cracks around knots in wood before applying your opaque paint. 

If not repaired, cracks and defects in wood can affect the finished paint coat and can also cause localised breakdown. 

To prevent this from occurring, and to achieve a flawless smooth finish - apply the Teknos Teknofill 5001, fine surface filler. 

Teknofill 5001 Properties and Application

Teknos Teknofill 5001 is a water based, single pack filler in a white finish. 

Apply by palette knife to fill and level surface defects in interior and exterior wood. 

The easy apply filler dries in 3 hours and one dry has excellent sanding properties. 

Perfect for applying a flawless painted finish to interior and exterior wood. 

Wood Filler for Wood Knots

Not only is Teknofill a great fine surface filler, but it is also great for use around wood knots. Teknofill is specially formulated to enhance resistance to tannin migration. 

Great for use with the Teknos Joinery Coatings such as Teknos Aquatop

Can also be used with TeknoPro Teknos Futura Aqua

Technical Data
Application Palette Knife
Waterbased Yes
02.Drying Time (To handle) 3 hours
Colour White

Teknofill 5001 PDS

Teknos Teknofill 5001 Product Data Sheet

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