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Sikkens Cetol Colour Collection


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Sikkens Cetol Design Concept Colour Collection

Semi-transparent colour tinting possibilities for Sikkens Cetol Products

Beautiful semi-transparent shades for Sikkens Wood Stains and Lacquers

Suitable for interior and exterior woodwork

Includes the Classic Collection and the Style Collection 

Use with the Sikkens Decorative Range including:

Sikkens Filter 7, Novatech, HLS Plus and more.

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Sikkens Cetol Design Colour Collection: Colour Card for Sikkens Semi-Transparent Wood Stains

Discover the range of semi-transparent shades to tint the Sikkens Decorative Cetol Coatings. Perfect for use with Sikkens semi-transparent wood stains and lacquers and for both interior and exterior woodwork. This colour card includes the Sikkens Classic Collection and Sikkens Style collection.


Sikkens Cetol Range:
The Cetol range of products are all high-performance semi-transparent wood stains and coatings. Semi-transparent, or also known as translucent, refers to the way in which you can partially see through the coating. With the wood grain still visible, this will enhance the natural appearance of the timber.

The semi-transparent coatings will protect your timber from UV damage, as well as exterior weather conditions. And, with products suitable for both interior and exterior wood, there are Sikkens Cetol products suitable for a vast range of projects.

Semi-transparent coatings are often seen on windows, doors, exterior joinery, cladding, fences, log cabins, timber buildings and sheds.


Products in the Sikkens Cetol Range:

Sikkens Cetol HLS Plus

Sikkens Cetol Filter 7 Plus

Sikkens Cetol TBH Plus

Sikkens Cetol Novatech

Sikkens Cetol Novatop

- Sikkens Cetol TSI Plus


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Sikkens Cetol Design Concept Colour Card and Product Guide

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