Sikkens Cetol WP 567 BPD Impregnating Primer

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A translucent, impregnating base stain for protection against bluestain, fungi and rotting.

Impregnates and Primes in one coat.

Available in clear (colourless) and more than 20 colours from the sikkens Classic Colours Collection.

Can be used under paints and semi-transparent wood finishes.




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Product Info

Cetol WP 567 BPD - Primes and impregnates in one

Ready to use from the container

Penetrates deep into the timber

Good run off properties

Good UV protection


Active ingredient

The active substance are notified acc. guildlines 98/8/EG. and according to the specification EN 599 against blue stain and rot.

BAUA-register Nr. 40653

0,6 g/100 g propinylbutylcarbamate iodine

0,9 g/100 g propiconazol

0,3 g/100 g Tebuconazal


Wood protection agents must be registered according to the BPD. (BPD = Biocide Product Directive)

Uptake consumption The examination follows the uptake value: 120-160 ml/m² i.e. 123-164 g/m² for timber in the resistance classes 3-5


Application Method

 Dipping or Flow Coat

Working viscosity is approximately  11 seconds in a DIN cup 4 mm i.e. approx. 23 - 25 seconds in a ISO cup 3 mm at 20° C material temperature.


Brushing machine, vacuum coater

Consumption 50 - 160 ml/m², depending on application method, type and absorption properties of wood (exact values must be established through a sample)


Thinning  Do not thin

Application temperature  15-25 °C for substrate, air and material at approx.60 % R.H.

Drying times  At standard atmosphere of 23 °C / 50 % rel. humidity of air DIN 50014

Dust-dry  after approx. 30 minutes

Over paint  after approx. 4 - 6 hours with waterborne products


Cleaning of equipment    Clean directly after use with water or washing up liquid or with

ST 830* (cleaning agent).

Storage A dipping tank containing material must be covered correctly and stirred or circulated regularly.


Packaging Disposal  Only residue emptied cans can be disposed via recycling. Liquid wastes must be disposed of according to national regulations or according to EU-disposal key 03 02 02.


Hazard identification  In accordance with EC guidelines -

Warning.  The Impregnation serves as a protection of none statically subjected wooden constructions without earth contact, exterior, against blue stain and rot according to DIN 68800, part 3.

Not for use with wood which has got direct contact with food or food preparation.


Dipping tanks or reservoirs  When using metal reservoirs, we recommend using none rusting steel i.e. V2A, the use of other materials can lead to corrosion.

Biocide products must be handled carefully


VOC guideline  EU limit value for this product (Kat. A/f): 150 g/l (2007)/130 g/l (2010).

This product contains max. 80 g/l VOC.





Technical Data
Application Spray
01.Drying Time (Touch Dry) 30 minutes
02.Drying Time (To handle) 4 hours
03.Drying Time (Recoat) 4 - 6 hours
Type Single Pack

Cetol WP 567

Technical Data Sheet

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Cetol WP 567 MSDS

Health and Safety Data

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