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With Teknos You're Covered

Learn all about the exceptional coating solutions from Teknos

Outstanding interior and exterior professional joinery coatings. 

Protect exterior joinery from weathering, UV damage, mould and mildew. 

Available in semi-transparent and opaque systems.

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With Teknos You're Covered: Coating Solutions from Teknos

Teknos coatings are formulated to keep your products looking attractive year after year, resisting the elements, and maintaining appearance and value. They're also specially formulated for convenient and efficient application - with quick and easy application methods. 

There are Teknos coatings suitable for virtually every joinery project, with both opaque and semi-transparent systems. By choosing Teknos Coatings, you're choosing quality and durability. 

Read this brochure to find out more about the range of Teknos Joinery Coatings, and find out why you should choose Teknos for your next project. 


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