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Teknos Coatings for Red Grandis

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Tekons Red Grandis and Grandis Oak Coating System

Discover the innovative Teknos Coating System, for use on Red Grandis Wood

Create a beautiful oak finish at a fraction of the cost. 

System created by the Timbmet and Teknos Partnership 

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Brand: Teknos

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Teknos Red Grandis Coating System: Create a beautiful Grandis Oak Finish 

Create a great oak look at a fraction of the cost, by choosing Timbmet Red Grandis coated in the Grandis Oak Stain from Teknos. 

Working in partnership with Timbmet, Teknos have created a exclusive Grandis Oak Stain, to be applied on Red Grandis wood and creates a beautiful oak-like finish. 

Achieve all the benefits of FSC certified 100% Red Grandis with the look and finish of Oak. 

- With outstanding results, and high-quality oak appearance. 

- Protects against weathering, UV degradation, mould and fungal attack. 

- Fully water-based system, removes harmful emissions and disposal issues

- Rapid application and fast drying minimises work and storage. 

- Easily maintained for lifetime performance. 

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Teknos Grandis Oak Stain

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