Teknos Forest Inspirations

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Teknos Forest Inspirations 

Semi-Transparent Colour Card for Teknos Exterior Joinery Coatings

24 beautiful semi-transparent shades inspired by natural timbers.

For use with Teknos Aqua Primer 2900 and Aquatop 2600

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Brand: Teknos

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Teknos Forest Inspirations: Semi-Transparent Colour Card for Exterior Joinery Coatings

Teknos Forest Inspiration is a range of 24 semi-transparent shades inspired by natural wood colours, and selected to enhance the beauty and grain of exterior joinery. 

Semi-transparent shades for exterior use, forest inspiration colours are vailable in the Tkenos Aqua Primer 2900 water based stain and Aquatop 2600 microporous translucent finish. 


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