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Q-Tech Pump Maintenance Pack

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Pump Maintenance Pack for use with all Q-Tech Airless Paint Spraying Pumps

Prolong the life and maintain optimum power and performance of your Airless Paint Spraying Equipment. To clean, lubricate and Maintain. 

Pack Includes: Q-Tector Pump Conditioner and Q-Lube Piston Lubricant 

Small (1x496ml Q-Tector and 1x237ml Q-Lube)

Large (1x3.8Litre Q-Tector and 946ml Q-Lube)

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Pump Maintenance Pack 

For use with all Q-Tech Airless Paitn Spraying Pumps. 

Because even the best paint spraying pumps need a little TLC. 

Use with the Q-Tech Airlesss Paint Spraying Pumps for optimum power and performance. 


Q-Tector Pump Conditioner:

Cleans the complete system during the final rinse. 

Deposits a lubricating barier and protect against corrosion rust and wear. 


Q-Lube Piston Lubricant:

Lubricates the system with a protective barrier that reduces premature wear. 

Cleans by dissolving material deposits. 

For Daily Use. 


Packs availalbe in either small or large sizes

Small: 1x 946ml and 1x 237ml Q-Tector Pump Conditioner

Large: 1x 3.8 Litre and 1x946ml Q-Lube Piston Lubricant



Q-Lube Safety Data Sheet

Download PDF

Q-Tector MSDS

Q-Tector Safety Data Sheet

Download PDF

TLC Brochure

Q-Tech TLC Brochure

Download PDF

Q-Tector PDS Instructions

Q-Tector PDS Usage Instructions

Download PDF

Q-Lube PDS Instructions

Q-Lube PDS Usage Instructions

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