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Airless Spray Tips

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TriTech Contractor: Airless Spray Tips

Whatever the job, there's a TriTech tip to suit.

High quality spray tips, for a flawless spray finish

Great for use on all general purpose spraying. 

Suitable for most coatings from stains to smooth masonry paint. 

Tips available in many sizes 

Contact us for spray gun compatibility or other tip sizes. 

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TriTech Contractor Airless Spray Tips By Aristospray 

Whatever the job, there's a TriTech tip to suit.

For more sizes of Airless Spray Tips, see the attached Spray Tip Size Matrix in the downloads tab. 

If you require a tip size that isn't available on the drop down, contact for more prices and availability. 


Compatibility with other Airless Spray Guns

The TriTech Contractor Airless spray tip can be used for all major brands of spray guns, when working at a max pressure of 5075psi. 

If using a Graco gun with the latest blue RACX guard, the guard will require changing to fit these tips. 

All other major makes of gun including Wagner, Titan and Airlessco, should be able to fit the dip directly using the existing guard. 

We recommend that you change the seal which comes with every new tip. 


Choosing the Right Airless Spray Tip Size:

Handy Guide to Understanding Airless Spray Tip Sizes

Spray Tip Fan Width

- The Fan Width is measured in inches 

- When spraying approx. 10" away from a surface, the fan width is double the first digit

- So, as above the, 5 = 10" fan width

*Depending on the pressure of pump and coating, he actual width may vary up to 2"

** Ensure to do a test spray area before applying to the surface


Spray Tip Orifice (hole size)

- The orifice controls the amount of fluid that lows through the tip 

- Measured in thousandths of an inch (17=0.0017")

- The larger the hole/orifice the more coating is applied and faster the spray application will be


Handy Tip Sizes

517 - Spraying interior wall paint or emultion

515 - Domestic property spraying 

621 - Blockwork or new plaster

310 - Woodwork/Trim

* Please note, not all sprayers can handle all size tips


Ensure to choose the right spray gun tip size that matches your gun filter mesh. 

Incorrect matching of tip and pencil gun filter mesh is a common cause of blockages. 


TriTech Contractor Tip Sizes

Contractor Airless Spray Tip Size Matrix

Download PDF

Tip and Gun Filter Combinations

TriTech Airless Spray Tips and Gun Filters Combinations Guide

Download PDF


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