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Indasa Yellowline 115mm Aluminium Oxide Abrasive Roll

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Smooth things over with Indasa Abrasives

Aluminium Oxide abrasive grain

Extra long life

Clog & static resistant

High initial cutting action

E & D weighted paper backing

Extra durable

Available in very fine, fine, medium & coarse grit levels

For use on old paint, fillers, fibre glass, soft and resinous wood, wood coatings, dry walls & walls

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Brand: Indasa

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Indasa Yellowline Aluminium Oxide Abrasive Roll 115mm 

Are abrasive costs wearing down your bank balance? Indasa have the perfect solution...

Yellowline Aluminium Oxide abrasive rolls are our best selling, most economic solution for removing nasty imperfections. A must have for all carpenters, joiners and decorators!

Aluminium Oxide is the world’s most popular grit type.It has an extremely high initial cutting action and rapidly removes stock to minimise your sanding time. The durable Aluminium Oxide grit renews it’s cutting edge as you sand so the grit stays sharper for longer. 

Yellowline Aluminium Oxide rolls’ unrivalled durability is provided by their tear and crease resistant, E & D weighted heavy-duty backing paper. Choosing Yellowline rolls can significantly reduce your waste; the thick backing paper enables tearing to exact lengths.

The benefits don’t stop there... Yellowline rolls use cutting edge technology to make clogged, unusable sandpaper a thing of the past. The grains on Yellowline rolls’ semi-open coating are carefully spaced out to prevent debris from becoming trapped reducing the need for replacement.

Yellowline Aluminium Oxide rolls are resin coated to offer excellent grain protection and eliminate grain shredding. The industry quality, resin over resin bonding withstands the heat and speed of machine sanding which in turn extends the product usability.

Founded in 1979, Indasa is now one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of high performance coated abrasive technology. Indasa's programme of continuous improvement and investment has made the manufacturing plant one of the most modern production facilities in Europe.

Fundamental to the Company's core values is the ability to provide market specific solutions utilising our key areas of expertise in the manufacture of innovative abrasive systems. Only the highest quality raw materials and FEPA compliant mineral grains are used to ensure consistency of performance standards and to maximise customer value. 


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