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Teknos Aqua Primer 3130 High Build Spray Primer

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Teknos Aqua Primer 3130 High Build Spray Primer is a waterborne, easy to use softwood / hardwood primer, formulated for interior / exterior windows and doors and large wooden structures to achieve a superior surface such as shutters, conservatories or cladding.

High film build

Excellent grain filling and sanding properties

Colours -  Semi-Transparent Shades, Opaque White, Grey and Cream

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Brand: Teknos

Product Info

Teknos Aqua Primer 3130 High Build Spray Primer is for designed for wood for exterior usage such as windows and doors.  This waterborne industrial primer has been developed to also achieve a superior surface result on large wooden structures. 

This high quality sprayable industrial primer is easy to work with, good flow, fast drying and excellent sandability.

The Aqua primer opaque primer seals and protects the timber prior to the application of Aquatop and Aquacoat opaque topcoats.

A highly versatile, robust and easy to use softwood and hardwood primer, which typically is used for exterior windows, doors, shutters, conservatories or claddings.


The wood must be clean and free from wood dust or contamination. The moisture content of the wood should be:

Windows and Doors: Approx 13% and should never exceed 15%.

Cladding: 18 2%


To be applied by spray. 

Application Conditions

This product upon delivery is ready for use. Always stir the product well before applying.

Due to forms of evaporation, the solid content of the liquid must be adjusted with clean water regularly in order to allow the product to work properly. This adjustment is based on the measured solid of the liquid in the system.

Optimum temperature for products and surroundings: 18-22 degrees

Optimum relative humidity: Approximate 50%

System Treatment

All treated parts must be protected with a top coat treatment before they can be exposed to any influence of the weather.

Coverage Rate - 5-8m2/l

Drying Times

The drying times for this product are determined at 20 degrees and 50 degrees.

The drying times for this product can be reduced using special drying systems to force drying. The drying times are always approximate and will vary according to the quality of the wood, the temperature, humidity and ventilation.

Dry to recoat: 3-4 hours.


The equipment is always cleaned with clean water.

Health and Safety

For more information on the health and safety aspects of this product please consult the attached safety data sheet.

Additional Information

Pack Size: 1L,5L,18L

Storage: The product must be stored at temperatures above 5 degrees. Keep containers tightly closed after use. Store away from foodstuffs.

Technical Data
Application Spray
Waterbased Yes
02.Drying Time (To handle) 2-3 Hours
Clean Up Clean equipment with water
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