Teknos Futura Aqua

Durable Paint for Interior and Exterior Woodwork

Teknos Futura Aqua is the revolutionary new paint for interior and exterior woodwork. Waterbased and low odour formula is easy to apply by brush, roller or spray and is quick drying. When dry, the finish is extra durable, knock and chip resistant and withstands frequent wiping. 

Great for use on such things as furniture and kitchen cabinetry re-painting, coating both interior and exterior wooden surfaces of conservatories, windows and doors and more. 

Available in unlimited colours, and in three sheen levels 20, 40 and 80. 

To find out more, or to try a sample of the Teknos Futura Aqua visit the product page here. 

Teknos Futura Aqua Interior and Exterior Wood Paint Brochure

Teknos Futura Aqua Waterbased Paint for Interior and Exterior Wood

Teknos Futura Aqua Woodwork Paint Product Range


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