Peelable Protective Coatings

Peelable Protective Coatings

Spray On Protection:

Protectapeel is a range of temporary Protective coatings for protecting non-porous surfaces. 

Article as featured in the Winter 2017 edition of The Professional Painter and Decorator Magazine 


Introduction to Protectapeel Peelable Temporary Coatings:

Protectapeel comprises a range of products that are applied as a liquid with either brush or spray equipment and, when dry, forms a skin-tight bond to the substrate. When you've finished the job you are doing, simply peel off the Protectapeel coating to reveal the undamaged surface underneath. Once done, simply roll the film into a ball and easily dispose or recycle. 

It's a quickly applied form of masking that you can use to protect against scratches, paint over-spray, dirt, or dust. Protection lasts up to 12 months, and with products suitable for both interior and exterior use. 


Why Spend unnecessary man hours masking all the windows and glass surfaces, to protect from over-spray or painting?

Try Protectapeel Glasstrip Original 

One of the stand out products you want to try, is the Protectapeel Glasstrip Original, which is formulated to speed up masking the glass surfaces and to protect surfaces from over-spray or painting. Glasstrip is a form of liquid masking, that protets the glass from over-spray and is Perfect for jobs such as uPVC window spraying, or conservatory repaints. 

Glasstrip is also great for building and construction sites and will last up to 6 months on both interior and exterior surfaces. Will protect glass surfaces from paint over-spray, abrasion, staining, spillage, scratching and weather damage.

See the Protectapeel Glasstrip in action: Apply, Dry, Peel-Off When Done, To Protect Surfaces Underneath

- Easy to apply by roller or spray

- Leave to dry to form a protective film.

- When done simply peel off the surface

- Roll into a ball to recycle or dispose. 

Protectapeel temporary protective coatings

Other products in the range include: 

Anti-rust: Protects metal surfaces from abrasion and rust damage

Multi-surface: Protects plastic, marble, concrete, flooring, work surfaces, laminate, tiles and more.

Booth Strip: Protect walls, ceilings and floors of spray painting booths 

Deckstrip: Protect boat surfaces if painting, cleaning or transporting

To find out more about the Protectapeel range, see the list of products here:


Protectapeel Peelable Coatings

Available from Holman Specialist Paints 

For more information on the temporary peelable coatings, contact our friendly sales team

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Protectapeel Temporary Peelable Coatings     Holman Specialist Paints

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