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Airless Gun Filters

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Spray Gun Pencil Filters

Create a flawless spray finish

Suitable for Q-Tech and Tritech Spray Guns

Multiple mesh sizes to match your spray gun tip size

Also Suitable for other airless guns including: Airlessco, Asturo, Graco and Wagner

Sold in packs of 10 Filters

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Product Info

Aristospray Product Nuber QF05010

Airless Spray Gun Pencil Filter. 

Suitable for use with the TriTech T360 Contractor and T720 Maxx Airless

Also Suitable for use other airless spray guns including: Airlessco, Asturo, Graco and Wagner 

Airless Spray Gun Mesh Guide 

White - 50 mesh - Extra Course

Green- 30 mesh - Course

Black - 65 mesh - Medium

Yellow - 100 mesh - Medium 

blue - 150 mesh - Fine

Red - 200 mesh - Extra Fine

Further Information

Remove from casing for cleaning 

*Spring inside prevents crushing

Ensure the mesh size matches tip size 

Incorrect matching of mesh and tip can cause blockages.

*For Pencil Filter Spring see Aristospray Product QF0501000


Tip and Gun Filter Combinations

TriTech Airless Spray Tips and Gun Filters Combinations Guide

Download PDF


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