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Q-Tech Q-AA30W Wall Mounted


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Wall mounted high volume pneumatic Air - AssistedPump

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High volume pneumatic pump Air- Assisted Pump

Can easily be converted to use as an airless pump

Triple Filtering System

Includes an easy access, quick change manifold filter

Supplied ready-to-spray complete with

7.5 m twin welded air-assisted hose assembly

Optima 21 Light air-assisted spray gun

Optima Standard U10 Series air-assisted tip

Dashboard control Panel

Easy Change Filter

No tools, no mess.

Because the filter works from the inside out - the housing never gets dogged.


Recommended for spraying

Solvent based paints,

Primers, Two-pack coatings, Enamels, Emulsions, Acrylics, Latex paints,

Lacquers, Varnish, Roofing and Cladding paints

Timber stains and preservatives

Spray Specification

Power supply compressed air

Air Consumption 29 cubic feet per minute

Maximum tip size 0.037

Maximum working pressure - 235 bar / 3450 psi

Maximum flow rate - Up to 6 litres / minute

Weight - 26kg


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